Everything you need to practice measurement-based care, all in one place.

Automated digital assessment preview

Automated, digital assessments

Bring your paper measures online and automatically collect, score, and chart the results over time to understand if a client is responding to treatment as expected.

Customized Assessment Library

Get access to 100+ symptom rating scales, outcome measures and mental health screeners for clients to complete quickly and efficiently on their own time, wherever they are.

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Diagnostic Screener

We screen for 14 different diagnostic domains and automatically assign the appropriate outcome measures based on the results. For clients who screen positive for five or more domains, our system updates the scoring algorithm to reduce the number of follow-up assessments.

Population-Level Insights

Access aggregate outcome reporting to better understand the effectiveness of your organization. Identify providers who need additional support, as well as which patients are high acuity so as to stratify risk.

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Therapeutic Worksheets & Activities

Choose from a wide range of worksheets and daily activities designed to keep clients engaged between sessions including CBT thought sessions, DBT diary cards and more.

Configurable Client App

Connect with clients when and where they feel most comfortable and customize which measures, worksheets, and data each client is tracking for a truly personalized experience.

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Clinical Portal

View client progress in real-time, nudge them about missing assignments and receive alerts when clients are at high risk.

Reimbursement Engine

Automatically submit, track, and manage measurement-related claims. Set up billing rules and define your own strategy to ensure Blueprint Billing fits into existing workflows and policies.

Blueprint billing report portal
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Start delivering measurement-based mental health care

Automatically gather client data, measure client outcomes, and get insights at the point of care to make more informed treatment decisions.