A better way to deliver better mental health care

Delivering high-quality evidence-based care is hard. Blueprint helps clinicians run more effective therapy sessions and spend less time on documentation. Clients get better faster, clinicians are less burnt out, and organizations grow their businesses.

Automatically measure outcomes and treatment response

Automatically assign, administer, score, and review assessments with Blueprint’s powerful software platform designed to save you time and keep your clients engaged.
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Assign and review digital worksheets

Keep clients engaged and working on their skills between visits with digital worksheets, diary cards, thought records, and other therapeutic activities. Ditch PDFs and pen/paper homework for an interactive experience that adds value for clients.
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In-session guidance to help deliver effective evidence-based care

Blueprint provides just-in-time support and guidance on which interventions to use for a given client and how to use them to fidelity. With great tools and training, clinicians are empowered to do their best work.
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Analyze outcomes and earn additional reimbursement

Gather a large outcomes dataset to better position your business to payors and other stakeholders, analyze and benchmark outcomes by provider and client cohorts, an earn additional reimbursement via assessment-based CPT codes.
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Seamlessly connect Blueprint to your EHR

Automatically enroll clients, reduce double-entry of information, ensure compliant documentation, and view embedded results and insights from within your existing electronic health record system and workflows.
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