Case Study: Client Engagement and Cancellations

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Case Study: How Move Forward Counseling Reduced Cancellations by 25 Percent

No-shows, rescheduled appointments, and an overall lack of client engagement are unfortunate realities in the behavioral health field. Week over week, this client engagement (or lack thereof) can have a profound effect on the group practice ecosystem – lost hours of productivity, lost client progress, and up to $39,000 in lost annual revenue per year.

This case study explores how Blueprint helped Move Forward Counseling, a 20+ person group practice based in Pennsylvania, decrease client cancellations by 25 percent through implementation of measurement-based care. Download to learn how you can do the same and start saving thousands of dollars and creating a better client experience!

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I wasn’t prepared for how much this was going to change the way that I practice. It’s life-changing. Blueprint has made a platform that is so accessible and easy to use.

Whitney Brown, MS, LCMHCA