Automatically track symptoms and measure outcomes

Automatically assign, administer, score, document, and review clinical assessments such as the PHQ-9 with Blueprint’s powerful platform designed to save you time and keep your clients engaged.
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Measure what matters
Select from over 250 screeners, symptom rating scales, and outcome measures to ensure you're measuring what is most important for each individual client.
Rule-based assignment
Not sure which assessments to use for a client? Not to worry. The Blueprint Screener analyzes cross-cutting symptoms to recommend the right assessment profile for a client based on their presenting problems.
Automatically administered
You don’t need to lift a finger to administer Blueprint assessments. Set up pre-configured cadences that align with your clients appointments to ensure you're capturing the right data at the right time.
Engaging for clients
We have an 80% client engagement rate for a reason. Blueprint removes friction from the assessment process and gives clients immediate value by helping them track progress and stay connected to care between sessions.

Put assessments on auto-pilot

Put assessments on auto-pilot by setting up pre-set cadences and defaults. Coordinate assessment schedules based on appointment dates so you get the data you need when you need it without having to manually send out or score assessments.

Seamless and engaging client experience

Blueprint is accessible across iOS, Android, Web, SMS, Email, Kiosk, and in-session. Getting started is as easy as receiving a text message and tapping on a link, no password required. When they're ready, clients can download our mobile app to track progress on their mental health journey and become more active in care.

Quickly interpret results and treatment response trends

Understand key events and trends with our assessment chart and treatment response indicator. Rely less on subjective answers and more on standardized measures of progress to help inform treatment decisions and session plans.

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