In-session guidance to help deliver effective evidence-based care

Blueprint provides just-in-time support and guidance on which interventions to use for a given client and how to use them to fidelity. With great tools and training, clinicians are empowered to do their best work.
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Recommended interventions
Blueprint will surface up relevant interventions to clinicians at the right time based on key events that have transpired in a client's life such as high-risk behaviors or suicidal ideation.
In-session support and guidance
Receive support and guidance on how to best run an intervention in a collaborative way with a client. How to get started, what to do, and what homework to assign to reinforce learnings between sessions.
Save time on documentation
Once you've completed a Blueprint Intervention, simply copy and paste the auto-generated snippet into a SOAP note in your EHR. Less documentation = less burnout = less clinical staff turnover.

Translate assessment results and key events into action

We'll surface up evidence-based interventions based on a client's assessment results or other significant events, such as high-risk behaviors or suicidal ideation. Blueprint serves as your trusted assistant, always listening and monitoring for key changes in a client's trajectory and helping you react when necessary.

Run interventions to fidelity with in-session guidance

Blueprint helps reinforce best practices and clinical training during with digital intervention modules. Clinicians can deliver interventions to fidelity without having to memorize the steps or review workbooks. Best practices and clinical support is  where you need it when you need it!

Automate portions of your progress notes

After you complete an Intervention, we'll automatically generate a documentation snippet that you can copy and paste into a SOAP note in your EHR. Catch up on those pesky progress notes and spend less time on paperwork.

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