Progress Notes

Automate your progress notes

Blueprint helps you leverage measurement-based care to write better progress notes faster. Translate completed assessments, homework, and interventions into documentation snippets to copy + paste into your EHR.
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Focus on clients, not notes.

Blueprint reduces the burden off of clinicians to help them do what they love – helping clients get better.

Reduce clinician burnout

Reduce the likelihood of clinician burnout by automating documentation for your clinicians.

Fewer clawbacks

Strengthen and standardize documentation to better justify medical necessity and reduce clawbacks on insurance claims

Thousands of clinicians at top organizations use Blueprint to save time on progress notes

Capture client progress data with ease

Blueprint collects client assessments, worksheets, mood scores, and more to help you quickly identify how your clients are progressing towards their treatment goals.

Review recommended interventions with clinical guidance

Blueprint helps you figure out where to start the conversation, guides you through relevant evidence-based interventions to use with your client, and enables you to assign homework for your client to review and work on what was covered.

Leverage data to auto-generate a first draft of your progress note

At the end of each session, Blueprint will auto-generate a first draft clinical progress note for you copy and paste back into your EHR. Spend less time on clinical documentation so you can spend more time with clients.

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