Assign and review digital worksheets

Keep clients engaged and working on their skills between visits with digital worksheets, diary cards, thought records, and other therapeutic activities. Ditch PDFs and pen/paper homework for an interactive experience that adds value for clients.
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Empower clients to keep track of how they're feeling between sessions

Allow clients to keep a daily journal and jot down notes to remember how they were feeling and what was happening in their lives between sessions. Review this information collaboratively with clients to remove bias out of your clinical conversations and reduce the cognitive burden on your clients.

Assign digital homework and skill-building exercises

Help clients work on the skills you teach them during a session throughout the week to reinforce learnings and improve progress without any of the friction of having to lug around paper worksheets.

Review completed homework collaboratively with clients during a session

Seamlessly review completed worksheets, diary card, and other homework activities in the Blueprint portal during your next session. Turn this into a collaborative exercise by sharing your screen or having your client review in tandem on their own device.

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