Closing the gap between optimal outcomes and routine outcomes

Providing clinicians and their clients with the right technology to make it easy to implement measurement-based care and improve treatment outcomes.

Blueprint clinical portal and client iOS application

Measurement-based mental healthcare made easy.

Blueprint is built on top of decades of research proving that measurement-based care improves client outcomes and reduces the time-to-remission.

Holistic data

Our collection of data goes deeper than a 9-question survey. We track and analyze a combination of data including symptoms, lifestyle metrics and wearable devices to give you a deeper understanding of a client’s mental health so you can better personalize care.

Engaging client apps

Assign daily check-ins, therapeutic worksheets and journaling exercises that make it easy and automated to stay connected with your clients and monitor their progress, even when they can’t be with them. Clients can use Blueprint via iOS, Android, Tablet, Web, SMS, Email, and more.

Unlock new reimbursement

Earn additional reimbursement each time your clients complete an assessment on Blueprint. Leverage our Reimbursement Engine to help get claims submitted and paid in an efficient manner so you can increase revenue while maintaining your focus on delivering great care to clients.

Population-level insights

Measure outcomes across clients, clinicians, and your entire organization. You can use this aggregate data to identify clinicians who need additional support, provide performance bonuses to incentivize behavior, or as a tool to negotiate better reimbursement rates for your organization.

See what our customers love about Blueprint.

Withney brown image

I wasn’t prepared for how much this was going to change the way that I practice. It’s life-changing. Blueprint has made a platform that is so accessible and easy to use.

Whitney Brown, MS, LCMHCA
Family Solutions

I have found Blueprint to be a tremendous help to my work with clients. Using the app, I have been able to target specific symptoms and interventions discussed with my clients in a way that just wasn’t possible before.

Steven Jennings, M.A. Therapist

Adding Blueprint to my clinical practice has been amazing. It was extremely easy to implement and my patients and I get clear information of their health in between visits which improves outcomes. It fits into my existing workflow and enables me to collect additional reimbursement revenue.

Dr. Utpal Dhruve, MD, Psychiatrist
Blueprint digital platform preview

Start delivering measurement-based mental health care

Automatically gather client data, measure client outcomes, and get insights at the point of care to make more informed treatment decisions.