Blueprint is a better way to deliver mental health care

Delivering high-quality measurement-based care is hard. Blueprint helps clinicians run more effective therapy sessions and spend less time on documentation. Clients get better faster, clinicians are less burnt out, and organizations grow their businesses.
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A modern way for clients to stay connected and confident in care

We help clinicians help clients get better faster using measurement-based care. Decades of research and dozens of peer-reviewed studies show this approach makes care more effective and efficient. We focus on making it easy and accessible for more people.
Mental health care is a journey – and a non-linear one for most. Our tools empower clients to track their progress, work on skills between sessions, and maintain confidence through the inevitable ups and downs of care.
Assessment question to measure progress
Progress charts for clients
Tracking your mood

Empower clinicians to do their best work and save time on clinical documentation

Blueprint helps clinicians quickly get up to speed on how a client is progressing, where to start the conversation, and provides in-session guidance on how to run evidence-based interventions effectively. After a session concludes, Blueprint auto-generates part of a SOAP note so clinicians can spend less time documenting and more time with clients.
Automatically assign, administer, and score 250+ screeners and outcome measures
Assessment Library→
Assign digital homework for clients to work on skills between sessions.
Worksheet Library→
Guided interventions to deliver evidence-based care at fidelity.
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A clinical portal for therapists to deliver data-informed care

A partner to help you measure, demonstrate, and improve outcomes at scale

Not only does Blueprint help you implement measurement-based care to elevate your organization, we help you align delivering high-quality measurable care with growing your business. For the first time, delivering great care is also good for business.
Reduce cancellations and no-shows, earn additional reimbursement, and gather robust outcomes data to better position your business to payors, clinicians, and clients.
Average assessment scores over time across a population
Client satisfaction scores

Blueprint doesn’t  just pay for itself. It pays for itself 10x over.

We call that a business case for quality.

Fewer client no-shows

Reduce client cancellations and no-shows by 25% by keeping clients connected to their care plan between sessions. On average, organizations lose over $5,000 per clinician per year due to late cancellations and no-shows.

Less therapist turnover

Reduce turnover by up to 72% by providing your staff with practice tools that help prevent burnout. Replacing a therapist can cost your organization up to $30,000, including lost revenue while you fill the role.

Better reimbursement

Earn 5-10% more revenue per appointment through assessment-based CPT codes. Build a robust outcomes dataset to better negotiate rates and contracts with payors and prepare for value-based care.

Take a deep dive into Blueprint-enabled mental health care

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