Advance Warning of Relapse

The Advanced Warning of Relapse (AWARE) Questionnaire was designed as a measure of the warning signs of relapse, as described by Gorski (Gorski & Miller, 1982). In a prospective study of relapse following outpatient treatment for alcohol abuse or dependence, the AWARE was found to be a good predictor of the occurrence of relapse (r = .42, p < .001).

Total number of questions


Administration method


Standardized cadence

Every 2 months

Age range




Scoring and interpretation

The higher the score, the more warning signs of relapse are being reported by the client. The range of scores is from 28 (lowest possible score) to 196 (highest possible score). The following table shows the probability of heavy drinking (not just a slip) during the next two months, based on our prospective study of relapse in the first year after treatment (Miller & Harris, 2000).

Reliability and validity

Confirmatory factor analysis revealed a single, internally consistent, 25-item factor that demonstrated convergent validity and predicted subsequent relapse alone and when controlling for other important relapse risk predictors (Kelly et al., 2011)

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