Therapeutic Toolkit

Keep clients engaged between sessions

Assign digital homework, track lifestyle correlates, and access guided evidence-based interventions designed to help clients stay connected between sessions while enabling clinicians to deliver exceptional care.

Blueprint is trusted by over 10,000 clinicians and 2,000 organizations

Empower clients to track progress between sessions

Give clients a tool to keep track of their progress between sessions and stay connected and confident through the inevitable ups and downs of their mental health care journey.

Assign digital homework and skill-building exercises

A client spends 99% of their time in a given week outside of a session. With Blueprint, clinicians can more easily and conveniently reinforce learnings throughout the week with digital worksheets and gather data to review and collaborate on at upcoming sessions.

Get in-session clinical support and guidance

Get access to best practices and expert-level clinical training during sessions with our digital intervention modules. With Blueprint, clinicians can more easily deliver evidence-based interventions to fidelity without having to memorize instructions or review workbooks or resource guides during a session.