Software designed to help clinicians do their best work in less time

Thousands of mental health clinicians use Blueprint to automate their progress notes, keep clients engaged between sessions, practice measurement-informed care, and much more.

Blueprint is trusted by over 10,000 clinicians and 2,000 organizations

Blueprint is amazing! I love it and so do my clients. I totally underestimated how much it would change the way I practice and how much it would impact my client’s journeys towards feeling like the best version of themselves.
– Lisa Savage, Center for Child Development

A personalized Blueprint for each client

Blueprint was built by clinicians for clinicians and designed to help save you time and surface up actionable insights during the moment of care to empower you to do your best work.

It’s a beautiful thing when technology works for you, rather than you working for the technology.
of clinicians recommend
Blueprint to their colleagues
more likely for clients
to reach remission

Automated progress notes

Blueprint's AI Notetaker listens, transcribes, and automatically generates progress notes, saving up to 5 hours per week on documentation and enabling clinicians to be more present with clients during sessions.

Data-driven session plans

Blueprint generates a data-driven Session Plan to help clinicians get up to speed on how clients are progressing since their last session.

In-session clinical support and guidance

Blueprint surfaces up Recommended Interventions based on a client's treatment journey and provides guidance on how to deliver those interventions to fidelity.