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Thousands of mental health clinicians across the country use Blueprint to deliver high quality care and save hours per week on clinical documentation.

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Blueprint is amazing! I love it and so do my clients. I totally underestimated how much it would change the way I practice and how much it would impact my client’s journeys towards feeling like the best version of themselves.
– Lisa Savage, Center for Child Development

A personalized Blueprint for each client

Blueprint was built by clinicians for clinicians and designed to help save you time and surface up actionable insights during the moment of care to empower you to do your best work.

It’s a beautiful thing when technology works for you, rather than you working for the technology.
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more likely for clients
to reach remission

Prepare for your next session

Quickly get up to speed on how your client has progressed since you last saw them. Blueprint collects assessments, homework, mood scores, exercise, sleep, and more between sessions and shares a summary report for you before each session.

Get in-session clinical support and guidance

Blueprint helps you figure out where to start the conversation, guides you through relevant evidence-based interventions to use with your client, and enables you to assign homework for your client to review and work on what was covered.

Reduce documentation time and burnout

At the end of each session, Blueprint will auto-generate a first draft clinical progress note for you copy and paste back into your EHR. Spend less time on clinical documentation so you can invest more time back into your clients.

Thousands of clinicians across the country use Blueprint to start their sessions

I talk about Blueprint in every single session with clients. When it is personal for you as a clinician, it becomes personal for your client. And Blueprint has given a way to do that that I didn't even know was possible.
Adding Blueprint to my clinical practice has been amazing. It was extremely easy to implement and my patients and I get clear information of their health in between visits which improves outcomes. It fits into my existing workflow and enables me to collect additional reimbursement revenue.
I use it daily and it has been a great help in driving how and what we discuss in sessions and facilitates client interaction and helping them be active in the counseling process instead of being passive.
I wasn’t prepared for how much this was going to change the way that I practice. It’s life-changing. Blueprint has made a platform that is so accessible and easy to use.
I have found Blueprint to be a tremendous help to my work with clients. Using the app, I have been able to target specific symptoms and interventions discussed with my clients in a way that just wasn’t possible before.
Blueprint is a great way to be clinically sound in practice and monitoring progress with clients.
I love how usable this app can be for my clients. It's highly beneficial to have an easy access way to give out assessments. I also find it very valuable for tracking between session work with my clients; it's nice to have instant access to what they are monitoring.
I did my homework...let's just say I googled "outcome measurement systems" for hours/days and Blueprint was the clear WINNER. Their platform is easy to implement, maintain, and utilize with our clients. The app tracks everything!! No administrative heavy lifting for our therapists or our office staff. The client is sent notifications each week to complete surveys/measures that clinicians can review with them as needed. The clinical dashboard is great and easy to interpret change over time.
One of my patients scored off the charts on the anxiety assessment. I've been working with him for a while and didn't think anxiety was an issue so thought the test was wrong, but I brought it up with him anyway. Turns out it was correct and that totally changed our approach in terms of what we chose to focus on in therapy.
I can say with reasonable certainy, keeping all dramatics to a minimum, that because of Blueprint we were able to save someone's life today. Simply incredible and we are so thankful for this platform.
Blueprint has the fastest response rate of any service I've ever used. The platform is amazing, but when I have a question you guys are always so quick to respond and the team is extremely helpful. So impressed and thankful!
This is a very modern, useful tool within the field of psychotherapy. It is convenient for both clients and clinicians. The Blueprint team is extremely responsive when we need help or have constructive criticism for improvements. Overall, I highly recommend it!

Blueprint doesn’t just pay for itself.
It pays for itself 10x over.

We call that a business case for quality.

Fewer client no-shows

Reduce client cancellations and no-shows by 25% by keeping clients connected to their care plan between sessions. On average, organizations lose over $5,000 per clinician per year due to late cancellations and no-shows.

Less therapist turnover

Reduce turnover by up to 72% by providing your staff with practice tools that help prevent burnout. Replacing a therapist can cost your organization up to $30,000, including lost revenue while you fill the role.

Better reimbursement

Earn 5-10% more revenue per appointment through assessment-based CPT codes. Build a robust outcomes dataset to better negotiate rates and contracts with payors and prepare for value-based care.

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