Connect Blueprint to your EHR

Automatically enroll clients, reduce double-entry of information, ensure compliant documentation, and view embedded results and insights from within your existing electronic health record system.

Automatically enroll clients based on pre-configured rules

Set up rules to automatically enroll clients on Blueprint and capture a baseline assessment when their account is created in your EHR system.

Review an embedded Blueprint from within your EHR

Review client progress and treatment response insights at the start of each session from within a client's chart in the EHR system that you're already using.

Quickly traverse between your EHR and Blueprint without having to log in again

You’re always one click away from the Blueprint portal, where you can review worksheets, deliver interventions, and adjust client preferences. With Single Sign-On, clinicians don’t need to remember a separate username or password and can stay focused on their clients, rather than remembering account information!

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