A better way to get better care

Hundreds of thousands of people use Blueprint to stay connected to their mental health care plan and track progress between sessions.

Keep track of how you're feeling between sessions

Keep a daily journal and jot down notes to remember how you were feeling and what was happening in your life between sessions. Review collaboratively with your clinician at your next session. It makes the classic “how are things going?” question a little bit easier (and more accurate)!

Objectively measure progress towards your treatment goals

Blueprint administers clinical assessments to help measure how you’re progressing towards your stated treatment goals. Even through the ups and downs of a non-linear mental health journey, we’ll help you see the forest from the trees and remind you of all the progress you’ve already made.

Put your learnings into practice throughout the week

Stay connected to your care plan between sessions. Complete worksheets and practice skills that your therapist taught you during sessions to reinforce your learnings and make progress towards your objectives and goals.

Hundreds of thousands of people use Blueprint on their mental health journey

One of the most helpful additions to therapy.
I love it because it truly tracks your highs and lows and reminds you what to reflect and talk about with your therapist.
My sessions in Blueprint are always helpful in getting me to focus on positive actions I can follow and it keeps me on track regarding my thought processes.
It’s been very helpful to identify changes in my depression and anxiety to help pinpoint triggers and ultimately develop strategies to deal with stress.
I love the reminders and the check ins, it makes me reflect on how I am feeling
It’s very helpful, when ever you feel you just need to write down what you’re feeling you can just do it here.
It’s a really useful tool to be more mindful of how you’re feeling all over. Not just mentally but physically too.
I love this app. It gives me a chance to communicate with my mental health provider, which helps me stay better connected to my treatment plan in between sessions.
Blueprint is so easy to use and it’s private!! Your clinician has direct access and can follow your progress even when you’re not with them, making treatment even more successful.
I love this app. It’s like a mini listening ear. Feels good to express myself.
It helps me process the emotions, experiences, and thoughts that I have in a healthy way which in turn helps me with my mental illnesses.
I love that I can use this app as an outlet, a way to log and express what I’m feeling so my therapist and I can talk about it at next session. I also love that it tracks my progression and my therapist knows when I’m struggling or doing really well.
It’s a great way to stay connected with my therapist and track my moods in between sessions
Very helpful and therapeutic to be able to “journal” about your dVery helpful and therapeutic to be able to “journal” about your day, and it’s nice to have my counselor see my responses if necessaryay, and it’s nice to have my counselor see my responses if necessary
I never thought journaling was for me. But the “Checking In” that includes the few questions and log has helped me see patterns in my life. I’ve learned so much about myself within just two weeks. It also helps my therapist understand what topics might be best to focus on during our sessions weekly.