Care Pathways

Optimize outcomes with configurable care protocols

Create, manage, and track care protocols across large populations of clinicians and patients to increase adherence to evidence-based care.

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Set up high-risk protocols based on assessment results

Activate care protocols based on the results of a completed assessment. For example, if a client endorses suicidal ideation on the PHQ-9, activate our "Safety Net" protocol to ensure clients have real-time crisis resources and clinicians follow up with a Suicide Severity Semi-Structured Interview at the next session.

Set up alerts based on symptom changes or trends

Trigger a workflow if a client's symptoms increase more than expected. For example, assign an anxiety-related worksheet if a client's GAD-7 score increases by 10% or more.

Assign assessments and worksheets based on program enrollment

Automatically assign assessments, worksheets, and recommended interventions to clients based on program enrollment. For example, assign a DBT Diary Card to all clients who are enrolled in a DBT program.

Create adaptive assessments and powerful intake screeners

Assign follow-up assessments based on the results of a completed screener. For example, if a client screens positively for Anger on the DSM-5 Level 1 Cross Cutting Measure, assign a follow-up assessment to further assess anger-related symptoms and behaviors.