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Keep clients engaged, connected, and confident in treatment

Blueprint keeps clients engaged and digitally connected between sessions, which reduces no-shows and cancellations by 25%, improves client satisfaction, and generates additional client referrals.

Reduce burnout and empower clinicians to do their best work

Reduce burnout and turnover by saving clinicians time on documentation and providing just-in-time training and support that helps them effectively deliver evidence-based treatments to clients. Become known as an organization that is dedicated to clinician empowerment and enablement.

The data you need to better position your business

Gather a robust outcomes dataset that enables you to run a more sophisticated organization and better position your business to payors, prospective clinicians, and prospective clients. Use Blueprint outcomes data to negotiate better rates and prepare for value-based care.

Blueprint doesn’t just pay for itself.
It pays for itself 10x over.

We call that a business case for quality.

Fewer client no-shows

Reduce client cancellations and no-shows by 25% by keeping clients connected to their care plan between sessions. On average, organizations lose over $5,000 per clinician per year due to late cancellations and no-shows.

Less therapist turnover

Reduce turnover by up to 72% by providing your staff with practice tools that help prevent burnout. Replacing a therapist can cost your organization up to $30,000, including lost revenue while you fill the role.

Better reimbursement

Earn 5-10% more revenue per appointment through assessment-based CPT codes. Build a robust outcomes dataset to better negotiate rates and contracts with payors and prepare for value-based care.

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