January 25, 2023

Mind Body Co-Op out-performs industry benchmarks for clinical quality and outcomes using Blueprint

How a premiere holistic wellness center in Chicago partnered with Blueprint to deliver top-quality care

At A Glance:


  • Maintain holistic care approach
  • Facilitate communication with insurance companies
  • Deliver best-in-class care

Blueprint’s Solution

  • Individualized assessment options
  • Crisis resources
  • Data-drive care dashboards

Clinical Impact

  • 5,000+ assessments administered by clinicians with diverse clinical approaches
  • Rate of symptom change up to 40% faster than the average clinic
  • Anxiety and depression remission rates outperform industry benchmarks
Kellie Rice, PsyD, CGP, CMHIMP

About Mind-Body Co-Op

Mind Body Co-Op is a Chicago-based holistic mental healthcare treatment center offering individual, couples, and family therapy, as well as movement-based approaches (i.e., dance and art therapy, yoga), and nutritional counseling. Their integrative approach strives to help clients increase connection to their whole self, mind and body, to improve quality of life. Mind Body Co-op’s interdisciplinary team works together to form a treatment plan that optimizes long-term recovery. As founder and owner Dr. Kellie Rice put it, “We treat the entire person, body, mind, and spirit.”

"We treat the entire person: body, mind, and spirit. We consider all physical, mental, and environmental factors when developing a treatment plan."


Rice knows that a group practice’s ability to demonstrate outcomes is critical to growth which, in turn, means getting more people the care that they need. 

“We believe in objective data,” she told our team. She’s not alone. Insurance companies often require objective data when reviewing requests for prior or re-authorizations. Although these authorizations are critical in ensuring clients receive the number of sessions they need to get better, providing concrete indicators of progress can often be a hurdle. 

“We are contracted with six different insurance companies and they are always asking for records,” Rice described. “The insurance companies clearly value the objective data provided by blueprint measures over clinician-written SOAP notes.” 

"After we started using Blueprint to incorporate objective data into our process, we rarely experienced pushback or denials from insurance companies"

Tools like Blueprint also help to quantify the quality of care that therapists provide. This is especially important in practices that hold large, interdisciplinary teams that practice from a range of modalities. 

“We have so many different types of practitioners who conceptualize differently, it can be challenging for our team to accurately assess changes in symptoms,” Rice said. 

Mind Body Co-Op wanted to find a way to incorporate objective data to make it easier for clients using insurance to get the care they need, all while maintaining their unique clinical philosophy that has been the key to Mind Body Co-Op’s success from the beginning. 


Blueprint offered an assessment experience in a way that other platforms couldn’t. For instance, because Mind Body Co-Op's clinical philosophy emphasizes improving the mind-body connection, it was important for therapists to be able to incorporate unique measures that reflect this approach. By making it easy to personalize measures, Blueprint allowed each therapist to maintain their individual approach. 

Rice described Blueprint as a tool that felt congruent to the way that Mind Body Co-Op practices. “Blueprint allows each different type of provider to track the symptoms that they feel are important,” she said. “As a team, we can access, track and recalibrate our treatment, if needed.” 

"Blueprint allows each different type of provider to track the symptoms that they feel are important. It has served as a Rosetta Stone that helps our clinicians understand each other. It provides a vocabulary and a working definition of symptoms so that we can all get on the same page."

Clinicians at Mind Body Co-Op weren’t the only ones who welcomed the transition to Blueprint; their clients did too. As one psychiatric nurse practitioner told us, “Clients have found scales to be both informative and validating. They finally have the vocabulary to describe lifelong experiences that have been terrifying for them.” 

Clinical Impact 

Perhaps the most exciting outcome from Mind Body Co-Op’s collaboration with Blueprint was that incorporating objective data didn’t just help with insurance and team cohesion.

It actually helped clients get better faster.

With Blueprint’s help, clinicians at Mind Body Co-Op are…

  • using measurement-based care easily and often. As of December 2022, 28 clinicians serving 802 clients are using Blueprint consistently. Together, this has added up to over 5,000 assessments administered in just under two years. 
  • administering individualized measures. Because Blueprint’s platform allows clinicians to incorporate measures that fit with their clinical philosophy, assessments that measure aspects of mind-body connection rank among the top 5 most-administered assessments.
  • making accurate diagnoses. For example, clinicians reported using objective assessment to identify undiagnosed OCD, even among clients who never suspected they may have OCD until completing a scale. Accurate diagnosis helps get clients connected to the treatment they really need. 
  • helping clients recover from depression and anxiety. 35% of clients at Mind Body Co-Op achieved full remission from depression and 43% achieved full remission from anxiety, significantly outpacing average treatment outcomes. 
  • eliciting this recovery faster than most clinics do. The rate and magnitude of symptom improvement that clients experience at Mind Body Co-Op is up to 40% faster and 38% larger than average population outcomes, respectively.
  • seeing reductions in suicidal ideation. While 25% of clients reported thoughts of suicide at the start of care - matching population averages - this number was reduced by 60% after just three months of data-driven care. 


By providing more clinicians and clients with access to measurement-based care, Blueprint helped make it easier for Mind Body Co-Op to do what they do best. As Rice put it, “We focus on helping people live their best life.” 

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